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We are now booking ice fishing trips for the 2017 and 2018 ice season! U.T.O is the oldest, full time ice fishing guide service in the area.  We have been taking folks on safe and productive adventures for trophy class fish for more than 15 yrs. We have taken both novices and seasoned ice anglers on hundreds of ice fishing adventures over the years. We have also been featured on Outdoor programs such as In Fisherman Television with Doug Stange numerous times as well as Outdoors with Tom Gruenwald. We offer trips on some of the best inland fisheries northern WI has to offer for winter time action.  We offer trips for all types of inland panfish and also walleye and northern pike.  But for a new twist on ice fishing have you ever thought about ice fishing the largest of the great lakes... Lake Superior?    Well here is your chance to travel North and experience some of the finest ice fishing Lake Superior's Chequamegon Bay & Apostle Islands have to offer! Not only will you get to chase and catch fish... you will also get top instruction on new and traditional tactics and modern electronics. We can chase anything from big trout to whitefish and great eating coho salmon too.  Also we have big yellow perch and at times some great walleye action during our winter season.  Whether you want to fish shallow water for big Steelhead Trout, Brown Trout, and Coho Salmon during the early and late ice periods or head for the deep water between the Apostle Islands for Lake Trout and Whitefish (these rod-pounding, drag-screaming, mid-winter, deep-water fish can be a scream!). Our Apostle Islands lake trout & whitefish trips are like no other fishing trip you have ever taken or imagined!  The scenery is just breath-taking. We can customize trips for any group from aggressive fishing tactics chasing that big one to a casual day trip for a family or a group of friends.  Just let us know what you are looking for and we will make sure you get the most suitable trip to fit your needs.

Check out our seasonal bite to get the best trip planned for you or your group!

Early ice - Mid December to mid- January on Chequamegon Bay can be downright hot for our local favorite's like Whitefish and shallow water trout and salmon, ie browns, splake, coho salmon and steelhead. We also have your standard early ice mix bag most ice anglers are use to at early ice periods on the bay as well like, big yellow perch, walleye, pike and even a shot at some trout and whitefish mixed in some days as well on these type trips. You name it and it can be caught at this time of year in Chequamegon Bay!  Most days the bite can be a mix of trout & salmon or yellow perch, walleye, pike, smallmouth bass, a local favorite the smelt and a host of other species. This is just a great jig rod fishing trip and the action on tip-ups and Automatic- Fisherman  can be just fantastic too. 

Mid-winter - Late January to early March is when we hit it big time for mixed bag fishing. We have the perch, smelt, and the walleye bite going on at the same time in the Bay. Plus we have the deep water bite starting and start to follow new ice north in to the Apostles for Brown's, Splake, and Whitefish! When we can get safe ice into Lake Trout country, we pick up the big gear and fire up the snow machines to travel deep in to the Apostle islands for trophy class lake trout. These monster trout of the deep have no rivals on a jig rod when it comes to hard hitting strikes and dogged battles in more than 200ft of water. These fish are truly in their own class when it come to the
bite and the battle. These fish can almost rip rods right out of your hand with their powerful hits! You will never forget the Apostles and the beasts that roam their waters. These waters are one the great wonders of the Great Lakes with their legendary lake trout grounds and there sand stone cliffs and wonderful sea caves doted along many of the Apostle islands shore lines . This is a bucket trip for any ice fisherman that likes adventure and big fish, make this trip your best trip ever this season!

Late Ice - March to early April can be red hot ice fishing on Chequamegon Bay for most any species of fish.  From trout and salmon off the river mouths to mixed bag fishing in the bay itself. Our mixed bag bite will include perch, walleye, pike, whitefish, trout & salmon and a local favorite the lake smelt. You also see sturgeon, burbot, and some days a good number of big smallmouth bass come thru the hole. The great part about this mixed bag bite is that late in the season you will see most species mentioned above daily, with some real nice sized fish as well. We do like to target the big shallow water trout and salmon off the river and creek mouths when we can. Here at UTO, we are trout bums at heart and anytime we can chase big pre-spawn steelhead off the river mouths we are there for sure. We invite you to come and experience a truly world class mixed bag fishery! Get your family and your friends and travel north to experience the big water bite! Just give us a call and we can help you or your group with setting up one of the most diverse ice fishing trips of your life!

UTO Ice Fishing Plans and Rates for the 2018/19 Season

Plan Ais a fully guided ice fishing trip geared towards folks that want to experience ice fishing and don't have gear or don't want to drag all there gear up north with them. With this type of trip we will supply safe transportation for you and your group from shore to fishing areas and back to shore at the end of the day, and provide top local instruction on the ice, You or your group will be fishing from portable heated HT shelters and will  have use and instruction on modern electronics like Vexilar flasher units, a must have for today's ice fishing.  All rods, reels , tackle and bait will also be provided for this trip!..RATES  for this plan are $450 for the 1st person then an additional $100 per person after that. for a 7 to 8 hour day. Plan A guests will need to provide there  own warm clothing and gloves, winter caps, lunch, snacks and beverages for a day on the ice. 

Plan B is a semi guided trip this trip is geared towards seasoned ice anglers who are looking for a great trip but do not need a lot of instruction and already have most of the gear which would be needed on a big water type trip. I.e., four wheeler's or snowmobiles, shelters, electronics and other necessary tackle for a comfortable and productive day on the ice. This has always been a popular trip with folks and frees myself and my assistant guides up to work with everybody on a more personable level with larger groups. Rates for this plan are $350  for 1 to 2 anglers for a 7 to 8hr day extra anglers are $100 each. the bigger the group the more you save! 

Sleeper Shack and daily rental ​We currently have 3 sleepers that are located on Chequamegon Bay for guests too rent which is a great bonus for large groups looking too spend a day or a weekend fishing! Our Sleeper is a 13ft / 6ft fishing luxury with all the comforts of home placed right over great fishing hot spots,The sleeper has 6 holes to fish from all with custom hole covers and hole liners to keep the draft out of the sleeper, Also has 2 bunks for sleeping, one top bunk and a lower bunk that folds from a bench and table top to a bunk in mins, It also has a wall mounted propane thermostat controlled furnace a 3 burner cook range stove top and a am fm stereo and a flat screen T.V with dvd player for kids cartoons or to watch your favorite Dvd's while fishing. This is great add on for taking young kids on there 1st ice fishing adventures, The sleeper spends time on both inland waters and Lake Superior,  inland waters for crappie and walleye to the host of other awesome species that Lake Superior's Chequamegon Bay has to offer, The sleeper is a great base camp for groups looking to wander around a bit or for groups that want to target great night time feeders like Burbot and smelt as well. Rental rates are $80 per person per day or $300 a 24hr stay limit of 3 persons. 

*Note prices on some highly detailed trips maybe more than advertised in plan B depending on how much gear we have to provide, like extra shelters, heaters, and so on.

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