Wisconsin Black Bear Hunts - Zones A & D

Unlimited Trophy Outfitters bear camp is located in one of the top bear hunting areas in Wisconsin. We hunt both Bayfield and Ashland counties in bear management Zones A & D on our 6 day bear hunts.  We know how long it takes to draw a harvest tag and we want you to be successful! Aron and Lacey are local natives born and raised in the area and know the area better than most and understand the movement of our local bear throughout the season.  Most years we will average an 80% kill rate or better.  You will see bear but it is up to you to make the kill. We can put you on bears but once you are in that stand your success will depend on you and your luck! We do our very best to get you on a hot bait with good sized bears coming in during legal hunting hours. We keep pretty tight tabs on what’s coming in with trail cameras so we know how many shooter boars we have and what time they are working the stations and so on.     

Our bear camp is one of the best set up bear camps in the area, we have a walk in freezer and skinning pole set up with a power winch, we can handle multiple bears a night with ease.We do also provide lodging at our bear camp for our hunters for up to 6 hunters per week, with nightly home cooked suppers for everyone.  Note lodging is for the first 6 hunters after that we have some very nice and affordable motels and hotels and some great camp grounds close to our camp. We have two bunk houses each bunk house sleeps two hunters comfortably. For our mess hall we have a nice cabin that also sleeps two hunters. It can handle up to 6 to 8 comfortably for meals and just relaxing around camp. We do have power (via generator) at the camp and solar shower for keeping the camp scent down before going afield.

What we offer:
     -  Private land & public land bait stations
     - Close 15 yd to 25 yd shots from your stand to bait stations
     - Multiple bears on most baits
     - Lodging is included with all paid hunts
     - Nightly suppers for all hunters staying at our camp or not 
   - 12 to15 ft Ladder stands are provided but feel free to bring your own stand and ladder
     - Skinning & quartering and cold storage of your bear is included with bear hunt
- We provide Transportation from camp to your stands and back

What you will need to provide:
    - Current WI Class A bear kill permit
    - Your weapons and ammunition 
   - All of your own beverages and drinks 
   - Snacks, breakfasts and mid-day lunches are not included in hunt

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